Our Stories & Testimonials

Dear Boys & Girls Club of North TEMPE ~~ Just wanted to let you know that I love you guys and your program is fantastic! My grandson Nolan, started there is September 2011. I saw his confidence grow instantly. He loves to go after school and begs to go on Saturday's! He has been actively involved in the Football Season and soon to be the Basketball Season. I am grateful everyday for your staff, volunteers, donations, activities and the wonderful care that he receives. I am especially thankful for Tye Y. and all the hard work that she does to get 60+ kids homework completed. There is no way that we could bring him home after work and try and get Nolan to get all his homework done. Raul has been phenomenal in his love and care of the Boys & Girls Club! He is truly dedicated to raising great leaders of tomorrow. I am happy to know that several celebrities such as bill Cosby, Jennifer Lopez, Neyo and Usher grew up attending the Club. We are so looking forward to volunteering at the Tempe Market Place Snow Globe this Friday. Everyone please come out and join the festivities and support the Club. The North Tempe Branch ROCKS!
Gina Balmer

~ Grandmother of Club member Nolan B age 7years

“The number one thing I like about the club is that it is the best place to go after school. The staff members are always nice and they care about us. They know what to do when we are sad or mad. They know how to make us feel better.

The next thing I like about the club is that it is always clean. Everyone at the Boys and Girls Club is always nice to each other. When someone gets into a fight they know just how to make it better. The club has so many programs. Last year I was in three of the programs! I had tons of fun. They taught me a lot of different things that I need to know in life to survive. When I get older I want to become a staff at the Boys and Girls Club of the East Valley- Grant Woods Branch, Mesa. This is why I like to come here. I love my club!”

~ Jessica, Age 13
Mesa Branch Member


“For Selena, this program has given her the opportunity to be a part of a fun and safe environment which has helped her self-esteem and creativity. She loves the staff and meeting new friends. Great program! For our family, having the program on site has been a blessing. Due to my physical limitations and illnesses, some days are harder than others to get around. So I am not able to take her places. I also like that there is the support of the property to have this program available.”

~ Dora, Mother of Selena
Tempe Branch Member (Satellite Location)


"The Boys & Girls Clubs are truly wonderful places to be. For my son, it's not just a place to go after school while mom works; it's a cool place for many, many other reasons. The staff and volunteers are a spectacular bunch. They are ALL kind, helpful, fun-loving and genuinely care about kids. My child has learned that friendship has no boundaries, such as color, creed or impairment. He's a straight-A student and enjoys helping other kids learn and succeed. This drive has been inspired and nurtured by the wonderful role models he sees almost every day at the club. He has now begun to enjoy sports and learn sportsmanship and teamwork. He volunteers to help out with community projects and truly feels that he can make a contribution to others. To the staff of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley - thank you for everything."

~ Jill, Parent of DeShaun
Compadre Branch, Chandler


“I want to give the Boys & Girls Club of Chandler a special “thanks” for all they have done for my children. I am divorced with four children and work full-time. I cannot be there for my kids after school, during the summer or intersession, but the club has always been available for my children. The club has done numerous things for my family, for instance: after-school care, special field trips, provided various classes on art, dance, and gym games, camping trips during the summertime, and seasonal sports such as basketball and flag football. Wow! That’s a lot to offer. Thank you Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley for all your dedication and hard work and for reaching out to our children.”

~ Angela, Mother of Valerie, Vanessa & Steven
Chandler Branch Members


I think very highly of the Boys & Girls Club. It is a fun place to come after school and spend time with my friends or just hang out and play basketball. I have been going to the Boys & Girls Club since I was in the sixth grade, and I've enjoyed it ever since. I really look up to a lot of the staff who work at this Boys & Girls Club, such as Jaron and Vic. I look at the Boys & Girls Club as an opportunity to learn as well as have fun. I trust as well as respect the staff who work here. You can tell that they enjoy their job. The Boys & Girls Club has really helped me come a long way. If I ever had a problem or needed some help, there is always someone here to talk to.

~ Ramond, Club Member
Ladmo Branch, Tempe


The reason I come to the Boys & Girls Club is because all of the positive influences that most of the staff have. I also come to the club because of all the opportunities it has to offer. The Club is also a good place to make friends and have fun. But most importantly I come to the Club to release stress and depression. Thank you for everything.

~ Matthew, Club Member, Age 17
Ladmo Branch, Tempe


“The after-school musical has allowed me to grow as a performer. Performing at the Mesa Arts Center was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was amazing to be on the stage and perform! The teachers at Mesa Arts Academy are the ones that push you to the limit. All the time at MAA you’ll have fun. Mrs. Bundy makes learning math fun! I love my classmates because they appreciate you and trust you.”

~ Leonel, 5th Grade
Mesa Arts Academy, Mesa


I would like to thank all the staff of the Boys and Girls Clubs for the excellent job you are doing. My kids totally love to come here, and to me, there is nothing more important than to know that when you have to go to work and you have to leave your kids somewhere, that they enjoy it. I know that my kids will love to come back next year. Keep up the good work, and again, thank you!

~ Parent of Mattie
Grant Woods Branch, Mesa


Jim and I would like to let you know what a blessing the Boys & Girls Club has been for our family. I asked our daughters what the Boys & Girls Club means to them. Sara said "I love the Boys & Girls Club, it is so much fun!" Jessica said "I feel safe because of all the adults in each room, and when I have my own kids, I will find a Boys & Girls Club for them to go to." The fact that our daughter tells us that she would look for a Boys & Girls Club for her children assures us that they are well taken care of and that we have made the right choice for their after-school care. There are little words that a Mother and Father can say to express the gratefulness that is felt when their children are happy and safe in such a wonderful after-school program.

~ Jim & Tonia, Parents of Jessica & Sara
Thunderbirds Branch, Guadalupe