HA.P.I Program

HA.P.I (HAblar Para Integrar is a unique Intensive Program designed to guide and support our Hispanic adult population, in their necessary effort to integrate and contribute to our Community. The founder, Anne de France, and the HA.P.I team believe that it begins with bridging the language gap. Our Adult students are requested to attend 90-minute English classes, 3 nights a week with a heavy load of homework.

Created in 2013, HA.P.I has consistently been operating at full capacity. At every registration, we fill up our classrooms and many students have to be put on our Waiting List and hope for seats to open. Our Retention Rate is 90%. 95% of our Adult students work, 40% are men, 100% pay a small contribution.

To sustain HA.P.I’s remarkable growth, our team of enthusiastic, dedicated and hardworking teachers and staff counts on your financial support. Be part of HA.P.I’s success! Click below on Dontate Today.